Scales and Tales Native Guided Tours has a primary departure point at Port Charlotte Beach Park.  This is on the northern end of Charlotte Harbor near the mouth of the Peace River.  Scales and Tales also has numerous other local launch points depending on the season and the location of the fish.  We also commonly take customers to fish specific areas under request.  Just ask!

​​​​​Contact Your Captain..

Contact Captain Billy Barton for more information on his fishing charters and booking


Or contact him by email @

                Take a piece of advice.  If you have the time to do your research before you book your trip it's a wise decision.  Make sure your guide is lisenced, insured, and experienced. If you are planning in advance it makes a lot of sense to speak with your fishing guide first.  If the flexibility is there on your schedule ask your guide what days look best to fish on the calendar.   The moon phase (which creates our tides) and the particular time of year, together can play a significant role in the days activity.   Depending on these two factors, a particular day of the week or a particular time of day could look better on the schedule.  If the option is there why not use it? 

                 At Scales and Tales Native Guided Tours I put as much thought, work and care as I possibly can into your experience.  I run my trips around the time period when the bite is on!   This gives you more time with bent rods in your hands and less time waiting on the fish to eat! Understanding your parties size, understanding what your species of choice are and what you are looking for out of the day is all valuable information that I can use to make you the most exciting memories possible.   I'm beyond passionate about making these experiences happen for my customers and full of determination to make it a memorable trip!