Salt Running Through TheVeins..

Meet Your Guide...

              Captain Billy Barton is a 33 year old Southwest Florida (Charlotte harbor) native and extremely passionate full time angler.  He grew up alongside his father,  who was a commercial fisherman in the Gulf of Mexico for grouper and snapper.  They would venture out for weeks on end and come back to the dock with thousands of pounds of fish to sell to the market. Needless to say, Captain Billy has the saltwater  "in his blood"  and learned the ropes of the commercial fishing business at a very young age.   

              The first job he ever had on his own was at the age of twelve.  He caught a popular local bait fish (known as pin-fish) on rod and reel.   He'd catch them one at a time until he had a bucket full.  It would take him all day to catch a hundred baits if he was lucky, but he would get a quarter a piece from a generous local tackle shop that liked to see his young work ethic.  Hey twenty-five bucks was allot at that age!  When Billy reached his teenage years  he had already developed a sheer love and respect for his home fishery.  Although he had grown up in the deeper waters of the gulf with his father, he began to set out and develop a love for inshore fishing on his own.  

               Billy was lucky enough growing up that he had been mentored by some of the most versatile fisherman on the bay.  Over twenty years later and the passion he has for his home fishery is stronger than ever.  At this point in his life.  Rather than setting out to catch fish to sell to the market, or even to catch for his own pleasure.  He's put his primary focus and energy into making sure that other folks catch fish!   He takes pride in educating folks who are new to his sport and has also become much more mindful of local conservation.  As so many other anglers are not.  It may be about putting some meat in the cooler here and there.  There is nothing wrong with that.  

                On the contrary, his charters and his mentality put much more of a focus on the actual enjoyment of the water, local wildlife, and his beloved sport.   Playing a major role in so many exciting experiences in his own backyard is a dream come true.   If you aren't sure who to have guide you to the fish you've been dreaming about catching on Charlotte Harbor.   Look no further!  You won't find another local captain more passionate or eager to get the job done!!             

-Florida Native-

-30 years of local knowledge-


-Hard Working-


-Captain Billy Barton-